Friday Faves: Galaxyrise

Friday Faves is a weekly feature of some of the things on the internet that I’m currently lusting over. This week, I’m inspired by NASA’s discovery of seven seemingly Earth-like planets outside our solar system and this eShakti dress.



Constellation Print Georgette Halterneck Maxi Dress by eShakti, $59.95; XS-6X

How gorgeous is this dress? Just looking at it makes me feel powerful.


Twinkling Stars Skirt by ThinkGeek, $59.99

An LED light-up skirt based on an actual star chart? GIMME.


Solar Orbit Necklace by ThinkGeek, $39.99 or $79.99 for sterling silver

I love subtly geeky stuff that can pass for innocuous for those not in the know – it’s like carrying around a little secret all day. This one even includes the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter – and yes, Pluto too. (Sadly, for those of us with nickel allergies, the manufacturer does note that the cheaper version of this necklace may contain nickel. For those who’ve been blessed with reaction-free skin – or those of us with $80 to drop on sterling silver – carry on!)


Cyborg Metallic Creeper Sneakers from Dolls Kill, $45.00

Rock that Janelle Monáe hyper-futuristic vibe with gold sneakers so shiny that you can actually see reflections in them.

Copyright Brooklyn Allan 2016

Lemonhead Glitter Paste in Mulholland Rose Gold Sunset, $22.00

Glitter! Is there anything that adds as much instant joy to your day (other than maybe cocaine)? No! One of my 2017 resolutions is to add more glitter to my life in a tribute to the late Carrie Fisher: fans of hers may be aware of her infamous glittering of both herself and people who wanted autographs at cons, but what you probably didn’t know is that she used it as a tool to combat some of her worst depressive episodes. Any makeup-safe glitter will do, but this Lemonhead glitter paste comes in ten different colors with the bonus of being vegan, cruelty free, and already mixed up in a formula that actually sticks to your skin.


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