Friday Faves: Too Stressed to Be Blessed

With a nod to all to all the other style bloggers who curate similar lists, I present: Friday Faves, a weekly feature of some of the things on the internet that I’m currently lusting over.



Too Stressed to Be Blessed Iron-On Patch by Pretty Bad Co., $8.00

Since making the super not great decision to briefly go off my meds back in January – one of the consequences of that being a hiatus from this blog – I’ve been back on the mental illness rollercoaster and hoo boy, am I ready to get off the ride. On the plus side, I can add this delightfully pessimistic patch to the collection on my denim jacket.



Twist Open Back Top by Bisou Bisou, $24.99

No bra because of ribcage/abdominal pain (thanks for nothing, gastroparesis) + nape tattoo: excuse to wear this top. There’s something about open back tops that gives no fucks, and I love it.



Sterling 23 Spectre Sunglasses by O’Riginals Trading Co., $87.00

Considering how many times I’ve lost sunglasses, is $87 a lot to spend on a pair? Maybe. But these are the closest you’ll find to the ones that Dr. Jillian Holtzman wears in Ghostbusters (2016), and having even a little piece of her style and confidence (and everything that’s going on in that scene – fellow queers, you know which one) is well worth it.


Aarrghhhh Necklace by Tatty Devine, £65.00

2016 left us all feeling a little like this, and 2017 isn’t looking much better. As we prepare for our Brave New World-style dystopia, wear your incoherent screams proudly while you still can.


Pallaville Hi Rise Waterproof Boot by Palladium, $69.00 on sale

Despite it barely being March, spring is already upon us, and with it comes mud. I want to like Wellies, I really do, but thick calves mean that traditional rain boots don’t work for me – not to mention, they’re hot, awkward, and make weird noises when you walk in them – so this waterproof sneaker/boot combo is a godsend. Whether you’re out in the streets protesting or just tromping through puddles on your way to work, these look comfortable and durable.


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