Friday Faves: All Black All the Time

With a nod to all to all the other style bloggers who curate similar lists, I present: Friday Faves, a weekly feature of some of the things on the internet that I’m currently lusting over. This week: clothing and accessories as black as my sense of humor.

Among other pursuits, I occasionally work gigs as a theatre techie. I’m working my first gig in a year (!!!!) starting this week, which means that my week so far has gone a lot like this:



And this:



I don’t know if you’ve ever had the pleasure of running into techies – we are a rather elusive species – but one of our defining characteristics is a wardrobe comprised 95% of black clothing and well-worn, occasionally-repaired-with-gaff-tape black shoes, and my week has been rather starved of color. Am I upset by this? Fuck no. I’m leaning in.



“The Bags Under My Eyes Are Designer” Sweatshirt by Resilience Streetwear, $21

Where is the lie?


Matte Pocket Leggings by Black Milk Clothing, $45 AUD

I don’t own a lot of Black Milk because they’re a bit more expensive than I usually shell out on clothing, but I don’t begrudge them at all, because they’re a) an independent business, b) fabulously designed, and c) well made, and I would happily buy every single thing they made if I had the money. These leggings are sturdy enough to last you forever, and they have pockets! (People with fabric sensitivities, be warned: their leggings are made out of nylon and elastane, not cotton.)


Wanna Be Rio in Black by Melissa, $90

Speaking of brands I love, these shoes are made by the Brazilian shoe company Melissa, which produces comfortable, fantastically creative shoes out of rubber. Their shoes cover the spectrum of twee to glam, and they have frequent collaborations with designers like Vivienne Westwood and Jason Wu. How badass and interesting are these cutout platform oxfords? And while they do scuff up, these shoes last.


Got Your Black Spiketus Rex by MadPax, £58

You’ve definitely met one of these women – that woman you meet through a friend who hovers somewhere around 50-70 years old, drinks like a fish, always tells the best stories because she’s been everywhere and done everything, and in general just does not give a fuck. Back when I lived in London and worked (briefly) at a children’s puppet theatre, I had the privilege to bask in the energy of one of these women, who was one of the puppeteers. She had a black leather motorcycle jacket and a backpack just like this, and by God, I wanted to be her when I grew up. I want to be her now. But in the meantime, I can absorb some of her cool through this badass backpack.


18mm Finger Splint in Matte Black Steel by Ilmar Designs, $22

Ah, Oval-8 splints. For some of us spoonies, they can be a lifesaver (fingersaver?), but damn are they ugly. They’re part of that “disability is shameful and ugly and so medical devices and tools should be as hidden as possible, preferably in that hideous white-people-skintone color” mentality that I personally loathe. Ilmar Designs offers a wide variety of 3D-printed finger splints in different shapes (oval-8s, swan neck, etc.), colors, and materials that are a lot cheaper than silver ring splints and more fashionable than Oval-8s. Be exacting in your sizing, though – they don’t do returns.

Happy Friday, y’all! See you next week.


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