Friday Faves: Trans Day of Visibility

With a nod to all to all the other style bloggers who curate similar lists, I present: Friday Faves, a weekly feature of some of the things on the internet that I’m currently lusting over. This week: it’s the Trans Day of Visibility, get ready for pronouns, buttons, t-shirts, and binders.

The International Trans Day of Visibility was dreamed up by trans activist Rachel Crandall in 2009 because the only trans-centric holiday that existed was the Trans Day of Remembrance, which mourned the dead but didn’t celebrate the living. (There’s been some contention over whether TDoV should include nonbinary people too – which is part of the larger “are nonbinary people trans?” discourse – but the popular opinion seems to be that it does, and that’s what I’m going with.) Trans Day of Visibility is about celebrating our survival, our stories, our trans & nonbinary selves. Usually with selfies.



Trans Rights Are Human Rights Button by Rachel Shneyer Art, $5 for 2

“Trans rights are human rights” is one of those “I can’t believe this is a controversial opinion?!” statements that you would think would be fucking obvious, but apparently not, as the recent surge of anti-trans legislation in the US has so pointedly illustrated.


Out of This Binary T-Shirt by Ways2Raise, $20

In space no one can hear you say there are only two genders. Ways2Raise is a trans- and nonbinary-owned business/semi-profit that makes awesome t-shirts (anyone wanna buy me the “Year of the Queer” one?) and donates some of its proceeds towards trans individuals in need and community endeavors.


Genderfluid Pronouns Necklace by Spacerobot Studio, $12.50 for two charms and $1 for each extra (up to four)

Ahhhhh I own this necklace and I love it so much. My stance on pronouns – and the constant battle that is getting people to use them – has gone back and forth, as I don’t really have a consistent “sweetheart” pronoun that always feels right for me, but I use my necklace as both a communication tool (for people who actually check and use my displayed pronoun) and a small means of affirmation for myself.



Bear Skull She/Him Biker Tank, $28, and Velociraptor They/Them Biker Tank, $28 by Nephylim9

Holy fuck, is anything more badass than these pronoun shirts? Nope, didn’t think so. There are also equally badass skull she/her and he/him t-shirts in the same Society6 shop.


Half Binder in Red by gc2b, $33

If you bind, you know the struggle – itchy, uncomfortable binders with awkward armholes, made out of fabric that doesn’t breathe, and that only come in white or white person nude. But that struggle is AT AN END, because gc2b exists. They are a trans-owned company that makes fantastically comfortable and actually flattening binders for an affordable price in a ton of colors (I like the red, but they also have black, grey, white, blue, olive green, and a range of nude that encompasses every skin tone). Speaking from experience, they are also super friendly and happy to answer any sizing or ordering questions you have.


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