Friday Faves: Spring is Here, Sort Of

With a nod to all to all the other style bloggers who curate similar lists, I present: Friday Faves, a weekly feature of some of the things on the internet that I’m currently lusting over. This week: Springtime is here for Hitler, at least sporadically, but I’m gearing up anyways.


The weather where I live is… inconsistent, to say the least, and it only seems to be getting worse as the years pass and the carbon emissions continue. In this week alone, the weather has gone from 85° on Wednesday to 34° tonight, hitting us with relentless sunshine one day and torrential downpours the next. (Crip tip: If you’re using your mobility scooter the day you decide to get hammered and end up staying over at a friend’s place, bring your rain poncho even if it’s sunny, because otherwise you’ll end up soaked and praying that your battery doesn’t get wet as you frantically speed through the rain to bodega/coffeeshop down the street. Mistakes have been made.) Imma bust out some spring Faves, though, because damn it, I am ready.



Cherry Print Two-Pieced Poplin Dress by eShakti, $47.95, XS-6X

I’ll let you in on a secret: there is no such thing as too fat to wear a crop top. No matter what your gender or gender presentation, body type, skin tone, or any other bullshit reason people come up with to make people feel shit about their bodies, crop tops are magical and look good on everyone. It’s law. I’m especially digging the matching crop top+skirt combo here that feels simultaneously put together and a little daring.



Women’s Original Sandal Iridescent by Teva, $55

Barely a few years ago, Teva was the brand that your mom and your camp counselor back in middle school wore. They’ve made a big push to reinvent themselves as something stylish and iconic, and IMO they’ve succeeded, churning out multiple sandals that I would happily wear on the street as well as in the middle of the woods.


Supertexta Damascus Pocket Knife with Titanium Heat-Treatment from ThinkGeek, $69.99

Speaking of in the middle of the woods: along with chocolate sales, taxes, and really wishing you brought an umbrella, spring is also the time of year when we can really enjoy our slightly soggy public parks and hiking trails before the humidity, heat, and mosquitos of summer descend. This compact-but-will-still-do-the-job knife is a useful tool for everything from cutting up your picnic food to camping, as well as making you feel like a total badass. Hey, gotta get your kicks where you can.



Rainbow Brite Choker Pack from The Cobra Snake, $10 for 3

I don’t know when we collectively decided that the 90s were back in style, but I’m 100% here for that trend. Choker necklaces, going braless, the Romeo+Juliet 90s Miami aesthetic, and triphop: GIMME.


In lieu of a fifth item, I present Garbage’s “When I Grow Up” (i.e. the soundtrack of my teenage years), because is there anything more stylish than 90s and early 2000s Shirley Manson?


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