Friday Faves: Steel Toed

With a nod to all to all the other style bloggers who curate similar lists, I present: Friday Faves, a weekly feature of some of the things on the internet that I’m currently lusting over. This week: I’m restless, which means dark lipstick, steel toed boots, and Sleater-Kinney.



Cami Dress with Lace Underlayer by Asos CURVE, $43

No bra, no problems.




Leah Steel Toe Boots in Black Wyoming by Doc Martens, $145

It’s no secret that I fucking love Doc Martens. I have five different pairs, and my boots have taken me to three different continents, up mountains and through salt flats and rainy city streets.  These things are tough as hell, stylish and iconic, and the ability to kick whatever you want without breaking your toes is an instant confidence boost.


Ruby Woo Lipstick in Instigator by MAC Cosmetics, $17

Although it’s a little pricey, MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick is their signature product for a reason – it goes on smooth, stays on, doesn’t dry out your lips, and has incredible pigmentation.



Megaliner Liquid Eyeliner by Wet n Wild, $2.99

No joke, this is actually the best liquid eyeliner I’ve found. It’s the right consistency, stays on forever, and is ridiculously cheap and available – you can usually find it at any local drug store.



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